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The Houdini Estate

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About The Houdini Estate

SATURDAY RATES begin at $12,990 for up to 100 people, VENUE ONLY


This legendary $12 million landmark can be all yours. It provides a unique and exclusive way to escape far-flung venues and the usual hotels, as well as create lifelong remembrances. In addition to enjoying a historic house beautifully decorated according to Houdini's era, you will experience the magic of five acres of romantic gardens tended by 15 gardeners, intriguing artwork in unexpected places, seasonally curated flowers, sunny and shady photographic vistas, multiple locations for meals and ceremonies, an hour of hiking trails, hidden passageways, a natural spring, a three-story waterfall, and outdoor and indoor jacuzzis.

CURRENT EVENT RATES, ENTIRE ESTATE, TWO NIGHTS INCLUDED (Include hosts, guests, vendors, staff, and performers in your total headcount.)


Up to 100 people $12,990

101 to 125 people $14,990

126 to 150 people $16,990

151 to 175 people $18,990

176 to 200 people $19,990

201 to 225 people $21,990

Ask for prices if your count exceeds people here.


Up to 15 people $1,500

16 to 30 people $2,600

31 to 45 people $3,700

46 to 60 people $4,800

61 to 75 people $5,900

76 to 90 people $7,000

91 to 105 people $8,100

106 to 125 people $9,200

126 to 150 people $11,990

151 to 200 people $12,990

201 to 250 people $13,990

251 to 300 people $15,990

1.1 out of 5.0

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2 The Houdini Estate Reviews

Cassie Dang

Married on 06/15/2019

  • Quality of service 1.0
  • Value 2.0
  • Professionalism 1.0
  • Responsiveness 1.0
  • Flexibility 1.0

Manager/Wedding Planner Lori was a nightmare.

The venue is beautiful but Lori (manager/wedding planner) was awful. I heard her complaining about the party & food before I even got to the reception. Also very irritating, not until I asked were we ... Read more offered access to the main level for handicapped/senior guests but by that time my dad had already hiked his way up & down the steep steps. Lori texted my cousins (the groom, bride & groom’s sister) every 5 min trying to quiet us down (we are not a loud family) beginning at 6pm! Then she invited herself to EAT & TALK WITH THE GUESTS, where she told them they were being too loud. My cousins were seen hauling drinks & etc everywhere but I never saw Lori with anything in her hands (other than the food she helped herself to amongst the guests). Finally at exactly 10p she started closing the gate & forcing everyone out. Lori caused way too much unnecessary stress on everyone & that is UNACCEPTABLE on a day that is supposed to be fun & treasured by the newlyweds. If you can rent this venue without Lori then it may be worth the money but it is NOT worth the trouble & headaches of working with an unprofessional party-pooper.


Married on 06/15/2019

  • Quality of service 1.0
  • Value 1.0
  • Professionalism 1.0
  • Responsiveness 1.0
  • Flexibility 1.0

Lori is the worst management for the Houdini estate My brother got married this weekend at The Houdini Estate in Hollywood. The place is amazing but

My brother got married this weekend at The Houdini Estate in Hollywood. The place is amazing but Lori the manager was horrible and these were the reasons why: 1. We booked the place because my brother ... Read more brother and his fiancé wanted their baby dog to come and enjoy in the excitement of the wedding . We were told not to have him in the house and he must have a dog sitter watching him. My first day I came to help set up for the wedding. Lori first words to me is that dog is not allowed unaccompanied . My brother the groom said he will be in his stroller. Lori said it again before she left. 2. The next day I drove in and was going to drive up to drop off food. Lori stopped us and said you need to go to the other side to deliver . I said I was a guest, I am not the caterer. I asked her if I can just drive up and just drop off the food and she said it is blocked ( it was not blocked) and I had to go out to the two way road to try to get to the other side where the caterer is with my guest. I said no it is hard to get out and come back, it would take me 20 to 30 min to get back. So, I had my guests get out of the car and just take all the appetizers up the many flights of stairs 3. Lori saw Smokey ( our dog - my brother and his fiancée ) and said he needs to have a babysitter. I told him he will. Lori said she was worried he will be carried off by some animal because he is small. I ignored her after this because I was upset. She talked to my guest and told them the same thing . 4. My brother’s wife sister came up because she was behind us to deliver flowers. Lori told her she had to go to the delivery side which takes around 20 to 30 min and it was 4 pm and the wedding starts in a hour. My sister in law told Lori the gate is closed and she just needed to drop off the flowers and she will drive back down. Lori said she will open the gate. I told my sister in law we will take it up. She said it was too much . My sister did not arrive back to the party till 430 and we still had so much to do to help out. 5. I finally got to sit down for dinner at 6 pm since I missed the reception at 5 pm. Our friend is telling us Lori is texting him every 5 to 10 min about how loud we are talking and how the mc is too loud. This went on for the whole time during the wedding reception. She is texting saying the music is too loud the people are talking to loud the mc is too loud the speaker is too loud. 6. Lori walked around and ate our food and was never invited and she walked around the tables and looked at what we had and she ate the cake. She walked up to it and sliced herself a piece. 7. When I was trying to put stuff away Lori went to get more food. I was so mad and angry that this person is not doing anything but telling us how we are being noisy and loud. We turned the music off at 830. SHE WAS NOT INVITED!!!!! She is the management of the property. 8. She went to the MC and told him he was too loud too. 9. At the end of the night at 1030 she comes up again and told us she is closing the gate. My cousins called a Uber and they told uber to pick them up at the front of the gate and the Uber are arriving in 10 minutes. She said it is ok just go to the delivery side which is on the other side . Note every individual was lost when they came to the venue so we wanted our guests to be safe . My cousins told my aunts which are 68 years old to hurry so they will not we locked in. Note we rented the place till 11 am the next day and my brother could close the gate if Lori gave him the remote which she did the night before. Lori wanted my family too stand in the middle of the road in the dark in the canyon !!!! My 68 year old aunts. Note the place is amazing but Lori was rude, obnoxious, not nice at all, and inconsiderate . If your going to have any type of party note your guess of 80 will be 81 because Lori will just invite herself and tell everyone how loud the party is . Do not book this place with Lori you will have a bigger headache and she will make your life miserable . When I walked down half way to where she was I did not hear the music or people . So I do not understand why she was was rude to us. If you plan to have a wedding or an event do not have it here. Yes the place was beautiful but Lori made the event miserable because she made the bride and groom miserable. I was beyond stressed at the wedding and I was the groom’s sister. The bride was already upset and my brother was so mad. This place does not allow music, talking, or people . All Lori did was complain and eat the food. If you pay $1000 of dollars to rent a property for a wedding than why complain about the music and speakers starting at 6pm!!!!! This place should not have parties!!!!

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