The Perfect Pebble

Orange Park, FL

It gives me great joy to see how happy my bride & groom is on their wedding day! I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see the happiness the couple has as well as all of the guests while enjoying the day with the special touches the Bride and Groom have incorporated into their day for their guests. We want to create the event around what your guests will see, touch, hear, taste and smell as this will be a reflection back to the choices that you have made to make your wedding day a day to remember for years to come. 

Often times when people ask me what I do, I respond that I am a Wedding Planner. Sometimes, they come back with "Oh I do not need one of those" or "My ________ is helping us with our wedding so we do not need any more help.

That is wonderful you have help however, there are times that you give away your wishes to please a family member and this is YOUR day not theirs. You may need someone to step in on your behalf to make sure your day is planned and created just the way you want it to be.  I am here to create your vision, what your space looks like and feels like is important to me and I am here to do whatever you need me to in order to make that happen! 

Your set budget is another important factor to me and I will try my utmost best to come in under budget if at all possible.

I work with the BEST vendors and they all share the same values and want to make your special day the best it can be.

Contact me for a free consultation at a location near you so we can talk about your vision and start to create the moments where the guests will say that this was "THE best wedding" that they have ever been to!

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Quality of Service
Kellie is wonderful. She listens, gives welcome suggestions and advises us on what to do and when to do it. Takes the stress and worry off of my mind. So grateful I found her. To any couple planning a wedding, who you choose as a wedding planner is critical to the process. Kellie is so friendly and easy-going. She assesses the type of wedding you want and contacts the appropriate vendors for your needs. You meet them with her to discuss your requests and together you decide who is best for your needs. She is always available and incredibly helpful. And the whole wedding process goes very smoothly. She created a beautifully memorable day for us. We love you Kellie, we will be forever grateful.
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I cannot express enough how perfect, amazing, and a God-send Kellie and her team were. I was looking for a day-of coordinator and I procrastinated (because weddings are hard!) but Kellie took me in and from that day forward, my stress level went way down. From the first day I met with her, she was genuinely concerned about my wedding and making it beyond perfect. She had the most amazing recommendations and ideas that went perfect with my vision of what I wanted my wedding to be like. When I got home, I told my fiance that we absolutely needed her. I just KNEW that she would be the one who would treat my wedding like it was her own. Kellie absolutely pulled through too. For a "day of coordinator" she absolutely exceeded my expectations. From getting catering quotes, to dealing with all of my vendors, she was on top of everything! She took time to meet up with me whenever I needed her and even took a tour to our venue before the wedding. There was nothing that I needed that she couldn't or wouldn't help me with. I know for a fact that Kellie's passion is to make every wedding she is a part of, be the best wedding it can be. I had around 150 guest at my wedding and it feels like 100 vendors. On my wedding day, I did nothing but sit with my bridesmaids and get ready and have a stress-free day. Meanwhile, in the background, Kellie and her team were handling all the little and big things that needed to be done. I know there were hiccups and things that needed a solution, but I didn't hear about any of it until a few days later from one of my bridesmaids. Kellie took initiative to solve little hiccups, and did it in a way that still made my wedding exactly what I wanted it to be. She truly does care about your vision and wants for your wedding and she takes it to heart. She asks a lot of questions about what you want, so that when the day comes, she can handle all the little issues and you just get to enjoy the happiest day of your life.
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Kellie was a true gift. I could never have pulled my wedding together without her. She located all the vendors I had not already arranged and set the appointments. I just had to show up! She had great ideas for decorations which I struggled with and everything was beautiful. Kellie made sure all the vendors knew she was the point of contact the day of the wedding so I had no stress or worries during my special day. Having an outdoor wedding there is always a chance of rain and sure enough we had rain, but Kellie and Brittney rearranged the schedule to accommodate the pesky storm and everything worked out great. I would highly recommend The Perfect Pebble to anyone needing a wedding planner!
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