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      Millions of engaged couples turn to WeddingWire as their trusted wedding resource, with the largest directory of local wedding vendors in Georgia. Easily find the best wedding services in your area with detailed vendor...Read more reviews, prices and availability for your wedding day.

      Local Wedding Vendors in Georgia

      Southern Charm, Superb Wedding Venues & More - Plan a Georgia Wedding!

      With gorgeous year-round weather, charming country character, bustling metro areas and Southern hospitality, Georgia offers wedding planners a wide-ranging variety that few states can match. As the Deep South goes, it doesn't get much deeper - or more Southern - than the Peach State. A good percentage of Georgia weddings start and end with Atlanta, the unofficial capital of the South. The city boasts an abundance of interesting historical landmarks, classic & modern architecture and a growing commerce sector. Atlanta weddings have an almost-endless selection of venues, caterers, planners, florists and more - everything you could possibly want, and then some! North of Atlanta, Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains provide majestic scenery and that "off the grid" mentality desired by some soon-to-be newlyweds. Yet even the most remote area of Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountain region is only a few hours' drive to cities like Atlanta, Rome (located in the foothills), Smyrna, Gainesville or Athens. Follow the Savannah River east of Athens, and you'll travel past two of Georgia's largest cities, Augusta and Savannah. Typical Southern accents define each place - both cities are renowned for their world-class hospitality and relaxed, easy pace of living. Southeast of Atlanta, Macon is one of those quintessential Southern towns, and a popular locale for wedding planners all across the state. And don't forget Georgia's Atlantic coastline, highlighted by Brunswick. Head to Georgia's beaches for warm weather, sunny skies and oceanfront ambiance - all without the commercialization and traffic that defines so many other Atlantic beach areas.

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      Planning Your Georgia Wedding

      Georgia's world famous temperate climate can experience a few glitches. Northern Georgia gets occasional frost, and even some snow. Areas as far south as Atlanta can get chilly winds and weather systems from the North, but those rare instances are limited to the winter season. For about 9-10 months out of the year, Georgia's weather is extremely accommodating to wedding plans. Georgia geography varies, from the hilly regions in state's northwest to the central plateau to the flat coastal plains in the southeast. Can't decide which colors to paint your wedding celebration? Lucky for you, Georgia's natural and manmade landscapes are packed with plentiful options. And season plays a big role, too. Autumn celebrations in western part of Georgia work well with auburn, yellow, orange and other fall colors. White, blue, black and green complement Georgia's coastline. One thing's for sure - the state's impressive beauty makes for a built-in brilliant backdrop, wherever you ultimately decide to celebrate!

      When you're estimating Georgia wedding costs, keep these three factors in mind: location, location and location. Big city Georgia wedding venues will command a large price tag, while wedding reception areas in rural regions have considerably lower prices. Thanks to a generally conservative political climate, Georgia's state sales tax is one of the lowest in the country, currently at 4%. Local tax rates can nearly double the overall sales tax. Atlanta and surrounding counties are pricier than the rest of the state, except the coastal city of Savannah. Recent wedding cost analysis shows Atlanta at just over $200 per guest, while Savannah checks in north of $250. Weddings in the northwest, south of Atlanta and other areas considered "country" are around $150 per guest, depending on the venue, caterer and other factors. Find caterers in Atlanta that serve up delectable dishes at reasonable rates. Athens has many excellent wedding catering options as well. Creative chefs offer down-home favorites, yet also don't shy away from contemporary flair. Reputable wedding planners are all across Georgia, from the sunny coastal southeast to the rustic, hilly northwest - and every region in between! Check out our Georgia wedding planning portal for local expertise, exceptional value and customer-approved portfolios!

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