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      Des Moines wedding photographers specialize in everything from engagement shoots to destination weddings. Whether you’re getting married downtown at a modern warehouse or a country club in Sioux City, these Des Moines...Read more wedding photographers should be at the top of your vendor checklist.

      Local Wedding Photographers in Des Moines

      Des Moines Wedding Photographers: How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer in Des Moines, IA to Capture Your Special Day

      Des Moines is famous for more than being the capital city of Iowa. It hosts one of the best state fairs in the nation and is experiencing a cultural revitalization that’s attracting more and more visitors and residents. Bisected by its eponymous river, Des Moines is a fun city to host your wedding. And with your location chosen, you can start on the next priority: finding a wedding photographer.

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      What to Look For with Des Moines Wedding Photographers

      There are three main things you should assess when looking at the wedding photographers in Des Moines: style, compatibility and cost. From the get-go, you may be able to rule some people out based on your wedding budget. The typical cost of wedding photography in Des Moines ranges from $1,500 to $3,000 (or roughly ten percent of your overall budget) but this will vary based on your specific requests and the package you choose.

      Next, head to each photographer’s website to do some research. Look at their portfolio, bio and testimonials from other couples. What’s their personality like? Do you like their photography style? Being compatible, both with visual aesthetics and personalities is very important. It’s also highly recommended you set up a phone call or in-person interview so you can all get to know each other better before making a final decision. Plus, make sure you and your wedding photographer click. After all, you and your partner will share some intimate moments with the cameraperson you chose.

      Most Popular Wedding Photography Locations in Des Moines

      When considering where to stage your wedding photos in Des Moines, you’ve got several options. One of the most popular is the Salisbury House and Gardens. This gorgeous historic house is surrounded by 42 acres of greenspace, making it easy to get some memorable wedding day shots. Downtown Des Moines is also a great location, with its lovely brick buildings, gold-domed capital and picturesque riverfront, it’s attractive to couples who want to capture their special history in Des Moines. The city’s arts centers and museums each offer a unique setting and vibe and appeal to the eclectic couple.

      Best Times of Year to Capture Wedding Photos

      Des Moines experiences a wide variety of weather throughout the year. September and October are traditionally the best months for Des Moines wedding photographers to get incredible outdoor shots, making it pleasant to be outdoors with warm temperatures and low humidity. Winters are cold, but it snows only occasionally – if you book your wedding date during these months, just be sure to choose an indoor photo location. Summers are the least popular time of year for weddings, with the hot, humid and wet weather that almost guarantees you’ll need an indoor setting for your photos.

      We’re betting there’s more on your wedding checklist. Use WeddingWire’s easy tools to help you with all the planning before the Big Day!

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