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      Millions of engaged couples turn to WeddingWire as their trusted wedding resource, with the largest directory of local wedding vendors in Louisiana. Easily find the best wedding services in your area with detailed vendor...Read more reviews, prices and availability for your wedding day.

      Local Wedding Vendors in Louisiana

      Plan a Perfect Louisiana Wedding

      Louisiana is a cultural wonderland famous for its music, food, and incredible festivals. If you enjoy a lively celebration, a Louisiana wedding is just right for you. The rich heritage here is invigorating, so prepare for a fantastic time.

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      Popular Wedding Venues in Louisiana

      Louisiana's most famous city-New Orleans-is the birthplace of jazz, and you'll hear jazz pouring from every nook and cranny in the French Quarter. The celebration surrounds you here-especially during Mardi Gras-so you can be sure they're prepared for your Louisiana wedding. The eclectic combination of African, European, Caribbean, and American cultures in the Big Easy brings with it a diverse array of tastes, sounds, and experiences; you'll find everything you want for your Louisiana wedding and more. For those who want to incorporate historic architecture into their wedding, the state capital of Baton Rouge is bliss. From beautiful antebellum plantation homes to the Old State Capitol and the Old Governor's Mansion, there is a plethora of beautiful, historical buildings available for weddings. Shreveport, called Louisiana's Other Side, features the Louisiana Boardwalk, riverboat casinos, and science attractions like the Louisiana Science Center and Chimp Haven, a chimpanzee sanctuary. Because this city is near Texas, there's a distinctly Texan flavor here.

      Louisiana Wedding Décor and Weather

      A wedding in Louisiana is bound to be a lively affair, and the décor should reflect that joy. Honor the diverse heritage of Louisiana with the bright colors of the Caribbean. Turquoise and purple are bold, regal choices for your wedding. Alternately, echo the warmth of the city and its traditional foods with a pallet of rich reds. Regardless of how you decorate your wedding, be sure to consider the weather as your prepare. The weather in Louisiana is warm, rarely dipping below 60 degrees. The bayou gets hot in the summer and is always humid, so make sure you're equipped. Dress in light fabrics that move and breathe, and make sure you bring a hat, sunscreen, and bug spray to protect yourself. The weather can be unpredictable in Louisiana, so make sure you bring a light jacket in case the weather turns.

      Food and Music

      Music sets the stage for your wedding, and Louisiana has no shortage of incredible musicians. You don't have to look hard to find fantastic music in this state, nor do you have to search for a party. Louisiana bands has everything from quiet jazz, top 40 hits, and every other genre in between. But don't forget to fuel up before hitting the dance floor! The incredible mix of Cajun, Creole and French cuisine in Louisiana is not to be missed. Culinary delicacies populate the state, and you'll easily find food to delight and comfort your guests. If you want traditional Louisiana fare, try the Cajun and Creole seafood that makes Louisiana famous. Don't ignore mouthwatering options like BBQ oysters, crawfish macque choux cheesecake, or smoked catfish dip. New Orleans catering companies have a large variety of options for all budgets, including Creole favorites like crawfish etouffee, shrimp creole, or jambalaya pasta. No matter how you organize your menu, a wedding in Louisiana begs for food that honors the diverse heritage of this state.

      Travel Information and Costs

      The cost of a wedding in Louisiana is about average, though weddings in larger cities or popular venues will always run you a bit more. Louisiana residents joke that there are four seasons here: Crawfish, Hurricane, Mardi Gras, and Football. While it may be a joke, you can keep costs down by getting married in the off-season. Consider January to avoid hurricane season and competition with the holidays. If you or any of your guests are international visitors, you can also save money by taking advantage of Louisiana Tax Free Shopping, which provides a refund on sales tax for purchases made in thousands of stores. This won't save you on services, but it is an excellent start.

      Marriage License

      A marriage license in Louisiana will cost you $25 or more, depending on the parish. Make sure to bring cash, a picture ID, and certified copies of your birth certificates, as well as your Social Security cards. Apply for your license at least 72 hours before your wedding. Your wedding license is valid for 30 days.

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