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      Check out these Minneapolis wedding photographers to find a vendor that best matches your personality and style. Plus, you can check out these Minneapolis wedding photographers' package pricing to ensure your picks are...Read more within budget. With so many talented Minneapolis wedding photographers, you're sure to find several that suit your style.

      Local Wedding Photographers in Minneapolis

      Minneapolis Wedding Photographers: How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer in Minneapolis, MN to Capture Your Special Day

      Minnesota’s largest city has a lot going on, including one of the most thriving markets for wedding photography in the country. Hundreds of talented professionals are waiting for your call, but how will you narrow the field? Keep reading for our tips and tricks to landing the Minneapolis wedding photographer that is perfect for you.

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      Finding a Minneapolis Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding

      When considering whom to hire for your wedding photography, think about what matters most to you as a couple. If budget is a concern, keep in mind that most people marrying in Minneapolis spend approximately ten percent or between $2,000 and $3,000 on average on photography. Also consider a person’s experience, their philosophy towards what they do for a living and their temperament. While you don’t need to befriend your photographer, you may run into communication problems on your wedding day if you don’t communicate well over a simple cup of coffee.

      If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start the process by browsing online portfolios of Minneapolis wedding photographers. Bookmark favorite shots and share them with photographers you consider hiring. Even if you don’t know a lot about the art of photography, your preferences will speak volumes to the right professional.

      On Location in the City of Lakes

      Minneapolis is a city begging to be photographed. From lakefront views to sculpture gardens and more, there’s truly no end to the scenic spots available for your wedding photos. Outdoorsy couples should consider the Presque Isle river waterfall loop trail, which combines forested trails, suspension bridges and no less than three waterfalls for breathtaking scenery.

      Couples looking for a more urban setting for photos should head downtown, where historic sites provide an elegant atmosphere for wedding shoots. Local theaters bring the outdoors in with floor-to-ceiling picture windows showcasing the city skyline. For a funkier feel, strike a pose in front of Minneapolis street art. If you’re hoping for photos that reflect your creativity and spirit, head to your favorite restaurant or bar. There are no rules when it comes to wedding photography locations.

      A Heads Up About Minneapolis Weather

      Selecting a wedding date with photogenic weather in mind can be a real challenge. In Minneapolis, most couples tie the knot in late spring and early summer, when temperatures are warm and the weather is sunny. Winter weddings are less common, given the average of 53 inches of snow the area receives annually. Still, wedding photos taken indoor and out can be beautiful in Minneapolis no matter the season.

      If you’ve got concerns about how your photos will turn out should inclement weather blow into town, chat with your photographer. They’ll have unique insight into the situation and may be able to offer suggestions on how to best capture the day in spite of bad weather.

      So you’ve hired your Minneapolis wedding photographer. That’s one more to-do item to check off your list. Don’t have a checklist? WeddingWire has plenty. Their checklists can guide you through the planning process all the way up to the moment you exchange vows.

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