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      Local Wedding Vendors in North Dakota

      Plan Your Memorable North Dakota Wedding

      The Peace Garden state is culturally rich, visually striking, and historically significant. Your North Dakota wedding is one more reason that this state will live in your hearts forever.

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      Popular North Dakota Wedding Venues and Destinations

      Fargo, the city famous for the movie of the same name, has much more to offer than its namesake movie might suggest. Living up to the city's tagline, "North of Normal," it's an offbeat city with a love of culture and history. History enthusiasts will be pleased to discover that you can get married at Bonanzaville, a reproduction of a pioneer village on 12 acres, includes 43 historic buildings, over 400,000 artifacts, with tours and programs educating visitors about local Native American tribes and what it was like to live on a pioneer homestead. With an event center available for your North Dakota wedding, this is a touch of modern elegance amid relics of the past.

      Art lovers should visit the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. Housed in a renovated turn-of-the-century warehouse, it features a 4,000 work permanent collection of international art. Its striking architecture and connection to both the creative history and the artistic future of the Peace Garden State makes it the ideal venue for your inspired North Dakota wedding.

      International Peace Garden in North Dakota's Turtle Mountains between Manitoba and Dunseith is a 2,300-acre park with two lakes, magnificent gardens, hiking, and camping facilities. The Formal Garden contains over 100,000 flowers, and the Peace Chapel is the only building directly overlapping the US and Canadian border. You can reserve several areas in the garden for your wedding, guaranteeing a truly memorable international experience.

      In Bismarck, the capital of North Dakota, there are endless historical attractions to explore. The United Tribes International Powwow brings indigenous dancers and musicians from across the country and even across the globe to celebrate Native culture. Lewis and Clark started their trip up the Missouri River here and built Fort Mandan, where they met Sakakawea and began their famed journey west. You can learn about all of this and more at the State Historical Society of North Dakota. You can even get married here, with several North Dakota wedding venues within the Heritage Center.

      Wedding Décor and Weather

      North Dakota experiences a fairly typical Midwest continental climate with very cold winters and hot but not too hot summers. Even when it's cold, North Dakota has over 200 sunny days a year, so if you're not afraid of layers and some snow, you can get outside and enjoy everything North Dakota has to offer. As you plan your wedding in North Dakota, consider honoring the Peace Garden state with a milk and honey wedding in the winter. Using this delectable inspiration to plan your décor in creams and golds. Spray paint branches gold and place them in cream-colored vases on tables with linens flecked with gold. Incorporate gold flatware, plates, or glasses to carry the theme through. In the summer, use the state flower the delicate prairie rose as inspiration. Use dusty pink silk fabric and ribbons, and include rustic touches like mismatched china and glassware to create a romantic atmosphere.


      If you're eating in North Dakota, you'll hear about knoephla, a German dumpling soup made with chicken and potatoes. It's hearty and warm, and exactly what you're looking for on a winter day in North Dakota. Bison is also popular here, and you can get delicious bison burgers across the state. Kuchen, a beloved treat in both the Dakotas, is not to be missed either, and this German cake is a great way to end your North Dakota wedding. Regardless of whether you choose to serve tradition North Dakota foods or something completely different, a North Dakota wedding caterer can help you decide.


      Weddings in North Dakota are over $15,000 less than the national average, so you'll find you'll get a lot more for your money here. Even income tax is significantly less than most places in the country, so you can save those extra dollars for married life!

      Marriage License

      A marriage license in North Dakota will cost you $65 in cash, and you'll both need to be present to apply. You should bring a government-issued ID as well as your Social Security card and two witnesses to sign with you on the license. There is no waiting period after applying for your marriage license and, once issued, the license is valid for 60 days.

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