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      If you’d like your venue with a side of history, check out these mansion wedding venues. Hosting your big day at a mansion wedding venue feels like welcoming your guests into your (spectacular) home, with classic décor...Read more that’s sure to wow. Mansion wedding venues often have several rooms for events, plus impeccably-manicured grounds for photo ops.

      Local Mansion Weddings in Greater New York City Metro

      New York City Mansion Weddings - How to Find the Perfect Mansion Wedding in New York City

      New Yorkers are almost perversely proud of their ability to live big, full lives squished into tiny apartments. However, when it comes to your wedding day, less is definitely not more. That’s why a New York City mansion wedding could be the ideal option for your nuptials. A mansion wedding in New York City will give you all the space you need to invite the whole family while also infusing your ceremony with stately elegance.

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      Where to Find Mansion Weddings in New York City

      To an outsider, New York City may seem like it’s filled with only apartment buildings and skyscrapers, but New Yorkers know that the city’s architecture is as diverse and eclectic as its residents. It only takes a little exploration to discover glamorous mansions, classical great homes, and even a fairytale castle hidden within the “urban jungle."You can find romantic mansions throughout New York, including in the Bronx, on Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn.

      Why Choose a New York City Mansion Wedding for Your Nuptials

      New York gives you endless choices when it comes to wedding venues, so why consider hosting your union in a mansion?

      The first reason is all about grandeur. Your wedding date will be one of the most important days of your life, so make sure your surroundings reflect the occasion. Many mansions in New York City are so glamorous you’ll feel like royalty, or America’s version -- a Kennedy. Mansions offer a picture-perfect backdrop for your wedding photos, big, sweeping rooms, and that undefinable shimmer of prestige.

      Next, mansions offer all the rooms you need for your wedding. You can say your vows in a beautifully manicured garden, host all your friends and family in the massive dining room, and then dance the night away in a real, authentic ballroom. You’ll also get plenty of kitchen room for the caterers to do their thing and possibly even a spiral staircase for some gorgeous family photos.

      Speaking of space, many mansions can hold 200 people or more, making them the perfect venue for couples who dream of a big wedding.

      What to Look for in Your New York City Mansion Wedding

      Is a New York City mansion wedding the right choice for you? Check our listings to see what’s available in your preferred New York City borough then give the most promising venues a call to check their calendars. These venues fill up fast, so the earlier you can book the better.

      Schedule a tour of your top facilities. Make sure the mansion is large enough to fit your entire wedding party. Check on the little things, like where the bathrooms are, where the couple can prepare before the ceremony, and what the parking situation is like.

      Make sure the venue coordinator is experienced, responsible and communicative. Don’t be afraid to ask about how many weddings they’ve hosted and what different packages they offer. It’s also good to find out if they require you to use their vendors, or if you can bring in your own.

      Finally, check in with your gut. Does the mansion feel like the perfect setting for your wedding? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to start finalizing your and searching for vendors.

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