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      Restaurant wedding reception venues are ideal for foodie couples. The food is sure to be top-notch at one of these restaurant wedding reception venues, plus they’re usually ideal for smaller, more intimate weddings. And...Read more - bonus! - these personality-packed spaces are usually well-decorated so you’ll save on décor.

      Local Restaurant Weddings in Greater New York City Metro

      New York City Restaurants Weddings -- How to Plan the Perfect Restaurant Wedding in New York City

      If you and your love are as passionate about an exquisite meal as you are for each other, then a New York City restaurant wedding could be a tasty idea. If so, then you’ve hit the jackpot. New York City is a foodie paradise, hosting some of the most innovative restaurants and offering gastronomic bliss to residents and visitors alike. You’ve got plenty of venue options to choose from and lots of great reasons to consider a restaurant wedding in NYC.

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      Why Choose a New York City Restaurant Wedding

      Restaurant wedding venues are catching on fast and for good reason. Restaurants offer an intimate setting, making them a great option if you prefer a smaller wedding party. (Choosing a restaurant will also help you keep your guest list under control!)

      Any top-notch restaurant will possess its own unique look and style. That will give your wedding a one-of-a-kind feel that’s anything but cookie-cutter. You can even save money on decorations by letting the restaurant’s decor speak for itself.

      Another upside to putting a restaurant wedding on your menu is that you are likely to have more flexibility in planning your special day. Most restaurants won’t try to guide you into wedding packages. That means you can choose your own photographer, florist, and other vendors, and possibly save some cash in the process.

      Finally, and most importantly, let’s talk food. Your chosen restaurant will allow you to host a delicious wedding meal that showcases your tastes. You may even wish to choose a restaurant with a menu that reflects your heritage to add a personal touch to your ceremony.

      How Much Does a Restaurant Wedding in New York City Cost?

      There are so many different restaurants scattered throughout Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, that it is impossible to calculate an average cost for hosting your wedding in one. However, it’s safe to say that you have plenty of options that run the gamut between breaking the bank and reasonable costs.

      If you dream of saying your vows in a Michelin-starred eatery, get ready to pay up. That being said, NYC restaurant weddings can be one of your most budget-friendly venue choices. That can be especially true if you search for restaurants beneath the cache radar. Even your favorite local Chinese place can be an excellent option for those on a strict wedding budget. Remember, your wedding is about sharing your matrimony with your family and friends, not putting you into lifelong debt.

      If money is a big concern, consider shaving down your guest list to only those essential friends and family members who really brighten your life. You may also have to check your excesses when it comes to choosing the menu. Buffet-style meals are often much less expensive than individually plated dishes.

      A final option is to schedule your wedding on a weekday when it won’t be so expensive for a restaurant to close its doors to the general public.

      Ready to start chewing over some New York City restaurant wedding venue options? Take a look at all our restaurant wedding listings.

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