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      The wedding cake is often the focal point of a reception. Whether you’re eyeing a classic cake decorated with fresh flowers or a more modern design, a professional wedding cake baker in Greater New York City...Read more Metro can create a confection to suit your style. When booking a wedding cake baker, be sure to schedule a tasting so can you can pick your cake’s flavors, as well as the design!

      Local Wedding Cakes in Greater New York City Metro

      Beautiful Confections: Finding Perfect Wedding Cakes in NYC

      There are so many brilliant bakers in New York City, so the sky's the limit when it comes to NYC wedding cakes. From magnificent multi-tiered layer cakes to lifelike edible art to trendy cake alternatives like perfect pies or alcohol-infused puddings or dazzling doughnut cakes, New York City cake bakers can do it all. And here’s some good news: While it’s absolutely true that the cost of NYC wedding florists, venues, and photographers tends to be higher than the national average, chances are that you won’t spend much more on wedding cakes in NYC than you would anywhere else in the country.

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      Who’s Baking Wedding Cakes in NYC?

      The quick answer is that there are a lot of bakers — both celebrity chefs and DIYers alike — creating wedding cakes in NYC. A lot of bakers in New York City stick to simple or traditional wedding cake designs and focus heavily on the flavors, but there are also bakers who have turned cake making into a true art form. These cake designers draw inspiration from nature, architecture, and textiles, molding hyper-realistic flowers from modeling chocolate, building towering skyscrapers out of cake, and wrapping frosting in edible lace and pearls that look almost too real to eat. Want your wedding cake to match your wedding jewelry or your wedding dress exactly? There’s a baker creating NYC wedding cakes who can make it happen.

      When to Begin Looking at NYC Wedding Cakes

      Narrowing down your options will be a matter of clarifying your vision and consulting your wedding budget. Ideally, you’ll start researching cake designs and bakers as soon as you get engaged, but you probably won’t choose your baker until you have picked your wedding colors and the overall vibe of the day. Keep in mind, too, that you won’t be able to finalize your wedding cake order until you have at least a rough idea of how large your wedding guest list will be.

      Most bakers in New York City are booked at least six months in advance — or more during peak wedding season. That means that booking early is always going to be your best bet if you have your heart set on a specific baker.

      Questions to Ask Your Baker

      When you’re looking for wedding cakes in NYC, your adventure will begin with a call or an email to ask if the baker, bakery, or cake designer you’re interested in booking is available when you’re getting married. When the answer is yes, schedule a face-to-face meeting. As tempted as you might be to handle booking a baker via email, you’re much more likely to get the wedding cake you really want if you spend some time with your baker, asking questions and looking at (and tasting) samples.

      Be sure to ask about designs, filling choices and cake flavors, pricing, decorations, and delivery. Will they provide cake stands? Do they have vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free options, if you need them? Can they work with your NYC wedding florist if you want fresh flowers on your cake? Ask as many questions as it takes to find the right baker.

      Remember, your wedding cake will be one of the focal points of your reception and it’s something wedding guests look forward to. Whether you opt for a ready-made design or a wildly creative custom cake, choose your flavors wisely because wedding guests would much rather dig into a delicious cake than a bland but beautiful couture confection.

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