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      Getting married in Oregon and need help finding the best Portland wedding photographers in the area? Hiring your wedding professionals is easy if you search through theses qualified Portland wedding photographers. You...Read more can easily connect with a variety of Portland wedding photographers in order to find a wedding professional that matches your personality and wedding aesthetic.

      Local Wedding Photographers in Portland

      Portland, OR Wedding Photographers: How to Find the Right Wedding Photographer in Portland to Capture Your Special Day

      Known for its breweries, coffee houses and outdoorsy lifestyle, Portland, OR is city with an eclectic personality. For engaged couples who care about the environment, artistic expression and maybe even donuts, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for the wedding photographer of your choice in Portland to capture your special day.

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      Finding the Perfect Portland Wedding Photographer

      You made your wedding checklist and checked it twice – it’s time to choose one of the Portland wedding photographers to shoot your Big Day. But where do you start?

      Begin with your budget. The typical cost for wedding photography in Portland ranges between $2,000 and $3,000, but keep in mind that cost can change depending on the package you choose and any extras you want to add (e.g. additional shooters, printed wedding albums, etc.). Also, read the online reviews from other couples. Even if you see all five-star reviews, pay attention to how the reviewers describe the photographer’s personality, professionalism and processes. This can give you hints as to your compatibility with this person. Lastly, start browsing through the online portfolios of wedding photographers in Portland whose images speak to you. You can set up in-person meetings with your favorites and ask to see more samples of their work to be sure you like their style.

      Best Locations for Wedding Photography in Portland

      The wedding photographers in Portland will have their own suggestions to help guide you, but do your own research to determine where you think you’ll get the best shots for your wedding day. The Pearl District is a great option for couples who want a few different settings. You’re in the middle of Portland, but can move around from the greener park areas to the waterfront to the brick-clad buildings lining the streets. Cathedral Park has an elegant bridge and architecture that are perfect for artistic shots, as well as the river and greenery for a more natural look. There are also several golf clubs and resorts close to the city, as well as historical ballrooms and hotels downtown that all offer the opportunity to take some memorable pictures of you and your love on your wedding day or even for engagement pictures prior to your nuptials.

      Best Times of Year for Wedding Photography in Portland

      It’s no secret that Portland is known for being rainy, so it’s wise to have an indoor location as an option for your wedding photos. That being said, the weather is mild year-round and the city is absolutely lovely in the spring, summer and fall. You’ll have plenty of incredible outdoor settings to pose your wedding party. From green parks and rushing riverbanks to tall forests and manicured greens, there isn’t a shortage of great scenery.  Choose your wedding colors based on the season of your wedding date with our wedding color generator.

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