Tennessee Wedding Vendors

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      Millions of engaged couples turn to WeddingWire as their trusted wedding resource, with the largest directory of local wedding vendors in Tennessee. Easily find the best wedding services in your area with detailed vendor...Read more reviews, prices and availability for your wedding day.

      Local Wedding Vendors in Tennessee

      Tying the Knot at Your Tennessee Wedding

      Tennessee's back country roads, big-city intrigue and wonderful wedding-ready destinations make it easy for the bride and groom to plan a perfect day. Or, with so many options, is it actually harder than you think? Sometimes, a wealth of possibilities can cause confusion. That's why we created the WeddingWire Tennessee wedding page. Are you ready to discover what weddings in the Volunteer State can offer?

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      Smoky Mountain Memories, Country Music, Mountains & More - Popular Tennessee Wedding Venues

      Tennessee shares a border with eight different states, and serves as a "melting pot" of various Southern cultures. Put some soul into your wedding celebration with a ceremony and reception in Memphis, the largest city in Tennessee. Graceland is just one of many interesting attractions in Memphis, which is also known as the BBQ Capital of the World. As you might expect, wedding caterers in Memphis includes many outstanding barbeque options. Nashville is a complete 180-degree turn from Memphis' musical heritage; Nashville is the country music mecca of the United States, but also has some worthy wedding photo spots, including the stunning Parthenon. Away from Tennessee's two largest cities, Knoxville is a great location for wedding planners who desire an outdoor-themed celebration. After all, Great Smoky Mountains National Park is only a short drive away. But Knoxville also has its own gorgeous points of interest, including the Sunsphere Tower and Market Square. Located near the Georgia state line, Chattanooga offers charming wedding ceremony and reception venues, plus a can't-miss wedding photo location in the aptly-named Lookout Mountain, with sweeping vistas that rival the most picturesque areas in the entire Smoky Mountains.

      Weather in the Volunteer State - Tips for Wedding Planners

      Much of Tennessee is situated along the Appalachian Ridge, and the state's geography directly impacts your wedding climate. Memphis, Nashville, and Chattanooga all have average July temperatures at 90 degrees or above. To get an idea of seasonal climate swings, typical January temperatures in those three cities don't even reach 50 degrees - a swing of well over 40 degrees! Many Tennessee wedding planners opt for a celebration in the higher elevations for summer weddings, taking advantage of the cooler mountain air. Autumn weddings in eastern Tennessee, particularly in the Smoky Mountains, blend orange, auburn, and yellow beautifully. A sparkling summer day along the Mississippi River in Memphis and other Tennessee towns brings out bold, vibrant tones, while Nashville's honky-tonk environs complement rustic wedding themes.

      Tennessee Wedding Expenses 101

      When you're planning a Tennessee wedding, many locations are worth consideration. And all of them - whether a Smoky Mountain resort or a Nashville city venue - offer priceless memories. However, those actual prices won't break the bank. Statewide wedding costs average out to $160 per wedding guest, which is only 75% of the national average. Some glamorous resorts and hotels will certainly cost more than $160 per guest, but it's not difficult to have your Tennessee wedding come in well under budget. A great time awaits you and your wedding party with Tennessee's fabulous wedding services. With everything from Memphis DJs (famous for their blues and jazz offerings) to delicious Nashville catering and even specialty wedding cakes in Chattanooga, WeddingWire will help you find exactly what you need for your Tennessee wedding celebration - before, during and after your big day!

      Tennessee Marriage License Cost

      With all of Tennessee's cool locations, climate and cost accounted for, the only thing remaining is your state marriage license. Tennessee law has a loophole of sorts for well-prepared wedding planners. While TN marriage licenses can cost over $60, couples that sign up for and complete a premarital Tennessee marriage class receive a $60 discount. The course must be completed within a year before applying for a license. County clerk offices issue the license, and the engaged couple must apply in person - no exceptions allowed. While no waiting period is in place for a Tennessee marriage license, it's only good for 30 days after issue. Word to the wise: make sure your coordinate your marriage license process with your wedding date.

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