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      Dove Weddings - A Photo & Cinema Company
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      EXIT 505 Band
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      First Student Charter Bus Rental
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      The North Texas Music Company
      Lacy Reynolds, Harpist
      Desi Weddings & Events
      Moondance Wedding Videos

      Millions of engaged couples turn to WeddingWire as their trusted wedding resource, with the largest directory of local wedding vendors in Texas. Easily find the best wedding services in your area with detailed vendor...Read more reviews, prices and availability for your wedding day.

      Local Wedding Vendors in Texas

      Lone Star State Wedding Possibilities - Planning Your Wedding in Texas

      As the saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas." Whoever coined that phrase may as well have been talking about wedding celebrations. From country-themed ranches to big-city hustle and bustle, the Lone Star State brings a wealth of possibilities to anyone's wedding plans, including yours! If you're looking to get married in Texas, WeddingWire has all the information you need to get started. Keep reading for Texas-themed wedding ideas, local cuisine and catering options, travel guides, regional photographers and much more!

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      Texas is the 2nd largest U.S. state (behind only Alaska), and every corner of Texas holds interesting wedding planning ideas. Starting in the southeast, the sunny Gulf of Mexico region (Galveston, Corpus Christi, Padre Island, etc.) provides an unexpected beach backdrop to Texas wedding planning. Texas includes three of the top ten most populous cities in the country. Heading northwest from Galveston, Houston is one of the most popular wedding sites in the state. The city's uptown and downtown districts offer numerous venues and world-class accommodations. Heading west, San Antonio is a wonderful wedding locale, with Tex-Mex culture and one of America's most famous landmarks, the Alamo. Travel north of San Antonio and you'll swing through Austin, the state capital city. Austin's charming mix of old-city character and new urban development make it perfect for any wedding celebration taste. And speaking of taste, Austin is the unofficial "BBQ capital" of the United States. Further north, sister cities Dallas and Ft. Worth complete the big city Texas tour. The sparsely populated regions in the western part of the state include sweeping prairie landscapes, mountain ranges and river valleys. Given the state's pure size, it's not surprising that wedding weather varies tremendously, based on your particular venue. The steamy coastal region is known for unrelenting humidity in the summer, while the central Great Plain region has more agreeable year-round climate. Something to keep in mind: most areas in Texas have average summer temps in the 90s. Clothing and colors for Texas weddings vary greatly. Rustic ranch-themed weddings are perfect for any color, while the sunny Gulf region was made for yellow, purple, red and blue. But Texas is versatile enough to handle your favorite color choices, regardless of your celebration location in the Lone Star state!

      Texas prides itself on relative affordability - living expenses, education, taxes, you name it - and wedding celebrations tend to be less pricy than other states. On average, a Texas wedding will cost around $215 per guest. Generally speaking, the farther west, the less expensive your Texas wedding will cost.

      In order to obtain a marriage license in Texas, you'll need the following:

      • License fee - varies by county (a license issued in any county can be used throughout Texas)
      • Photo ID
      • County clerk appointment - all marriage licenses in Texas are issued by county clerks
      • Minimum age is 16
      • Waiting period is up to 72 hours, and a Texas marriage license is valid up to 90 days from date of issue

      WeddingWire also has a Texas wedding venue for a city-by-city review of the best places in Texas to plan and book your event!

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