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Enthralling and beguiling, Cuba is a captivating honeymoon destination.

A Cuba honeymoon will be rich with history and culture. Honeymooners will literally feel like they’ve gone back in time, where classic American cars roam the streets and remnants from the Spanish colonial era remains. Each narrow cobblestone laneway and prominent landmark reveals a story of Cuba’s compelling history — making this an ideal destination for history buffs. Whether you choose to traipse across the vibrant open squares of Havana or take a romantic stroll on Varadero Beach, a Cuba honeymoon offers plenty to see and explore.  

Rich in culture and unrivaled in colonial grandeur, discover the jewels of Havana by opting for a Cuba honeymoon.   


When to Go

Cuba enjoys a hot tropical climate, but the dry season of November to May is the best time to take your Havana, Cuba honeymoon. During these months, couples will be able to enjoy cooler days and evenings. May through October is the wet season, and though the rain is torrential, it is usually short in duration. December through March, July and August are peak tourist seasons, which means planning a Cuba honeymoon on a budget may be difficult.  

Top Sights and Activities

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