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For the ultimate in romance and relaxation, choose a Curaçao honeymoon for your trip of a lifetime.

On a Curaçao honeymoon, you can drive through hidden coves and cliffs, revealing beauty and wonder at each turn. Find yourself drawing a blank wondering where Curaçao is on the map, consider this: it’s the ‘C’ of the ABC islands in the Caribbean. They are the westernmost of the Leeward Antilles, north of Venezuela. Here, you have Aruba, Bonaire and as the alphabet predicts, Curaçao! This Dutch-Caribbean destination is renowned for some of the most beautiful beaches not only in the area, but on the planet. So, if you love exclusive beaches and warm weather, then we think you’ll love a Curaçao honeymoon for your just-hitched getaway.

Here’s everything you need to know before you book your Curaçao honeymoon.


When to Go

If you become easily frustrated with crowds, you’ll want to choose to take a Curaçao honeymoon during the off-season, which runs from May to November. You’ll find much more affordable hotel rates and more room for your sunbathing tush on the beach. If you happen to travel during the winter—December to April—be prepared for a bit more chaos.

Top Sights And Activities

It’s recommended to rent a car for your Curaçao honeymoon, since public transportation isn’t reliable or safe. Because you’ll want to experience much of nature, driving yourself is the easiest, or hiring a tour guide for the week is an option, too. Here’s how to map out your once-in-a-lifetime route:

Article by Lindsay Tigar

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