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A Grenada honeymoon offers newlyweds the quintessential laid-back Caribbean experience, and plenty of quiet beaches a bit off the beaten path.

A Grenada honeymoon is imbibed with Caribbean culture. Everywhere you turn there are colorful buildings, soft, sandy beaches and green hillsides with spice plantations and a wealth of tropical fruit trees. St. George’s is one of the Caribbean’s prettiest capitals with it’s colorful harbor and streets full of quaint shops and cafes. If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort experience, you won’t find it here. Tourism isn’t as developed as many of the Caribbean hotspots. As such, the beaches tend to be quiet which is ideal for those who are looking for a romantic getaway. Outside of relaxing on the beaches, hiking the islands rainforests and enjoying its waterfalls are a must-do, as is shopping in the market and snorkeling or scuba diving just off the island’s coast.

You'll love all that a Grenada honeymoon has to offer, from relaxation to adventure and more.  

When to Go

Late fall offers the sweet spot of good rates and nice weather for a Grenada honeymoon. January and April are the most popular and most expensive time to go and September and October are the worst months to visit as it is the height of hurricane season.

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