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If you're looking for a Caribbean honeymoon that combines relaxation, culture, and adventure, check out the charming island of Martinique!

If you love the charm of Paris, but prefer the weather of Florida, then you’re in a luck: a Martinique honeymoon can offer all of your favorite things. As part of the Lesser Antilles, don’t expect flat lands at this Caribbean destination. Martinique is characterized by various mountain ranges–including an active volcano!—and features sweet little towns that’ll remind you of the beautiful streets in France. Not to mention robust and vibrant gardens and of course, white sandy beaches for celebrating the start of your marriage.

If you’re considering a Martinique honeymoon, consider this your everything-you-need-to-know guide to planning and enjoying every last second.


Best Time of Year to Go to Martinique

Anywhere in the Caribbean features nearly year-round warm temperatures. This makes it a vacation spot for every sun-chaser in need of Vitamin D. However, for the best Martinique honeymoon, set your sights on the month of May. Here, you can expect breezy, comfortable weather that isn’t too hot or sticky. Keep in mind there is a slight chance of hurricanes during the summer and fall months, so you may run the risk of having to cancel last-minute. To avoid super-steep prices thanks to an influx of tourists, avoid the peak season between December and April.

What To Do in Martinique

Pack some hiking boots, your bikini and an appetite, since there is plenty to do in this Caribbean town with French accents.

Article by Lindsay Tigar

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