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4.3 out of 5.0


4 Reviews for Lilly Lynn Events


Married on 07/26/2008

  • Quality of service 5.0
  • Value 5.0
  • Professionalism 5.0
  • Responsiveness 5.0
  • Flexibility 5.0

Kim did an excellent job with helping plan our day. She had great ideas and most important took away my stress. I'm very thankful.


Married on 05/23/2009

  • Quality of service 5.0
  • Value 5.0
  • Professionalism 4.0
  • Responsiveness 5.0
  • Flexibility 5.0

Kim provided me with excellent support and guidance throughout the wedding planning process. She was quick to respond to my e-mails and offer me her thoughts or advice. She provided me with quality vendors and pricing. I ended up using her recommended photographer, florist, make-up artist, and cake person. All were top-notch. Kim and I had tons of communication prior to the wedding and I asked a lot of questions. Thus, I felt like on the day of the wedding, I knew what to expect and did not have fears of things going awry. She was indispensable on the day of- as she made sure that the decorations were up, worked with the vendors as they arrived at the venue (she also delivered the flowers to the venue), and helped to clean-up. As a bride on a budget, I was happy to find Kim! I felt that it was totally worth it to hire her as our wedding planner. Thanks again Kim!


Married on 05/02/2009

  • Quality of service 3.0
  • Value 4.0
  • Professionalism 3.0
  • Responsiveness 5.0
  • Flexibility 5.0

Kim was our day-of-coordinator. Our initial meeting was great. She assured me that everything I described would get done. On the day-of, however, I was not too pleased with their (Kim and her assistant) work. They got some things done, but not other things. It may have just been the perfectionist in me, but I noticed the little details and it upset me that they got it all wrong. Especially since I was told that everything I described would be done. When someone tells me this, I expect perfection. Their work was less than perfect. Granted, Kim is only starting out and our wedding was huge. But as a wedding planner/coordinator, you need to cater to what the bride (and groom) wants and to make sure that everything is perfect.

Lilly Lynn Events's reply:

Bride didn't speak to me once the day of the wedding and although I did the entire wedding to her specs I couldn't seem to make her happy...


Married on 10/23/2010

  • Quality of service 2.5
  • Value 3.0
  • Professionalism 2.0
  • Responsiveness 5.0
  • Flexibility 5.0

Kim was always very pleasant and helpful via email to me before the ceremony. She was happy to switch her arrival time even though I asked her a few days before. At the rehearsal she was overheard complaining about not making very much money doing our wedding. My husband and I feel that it was very unprofessional and rude to say that within earshot of the people who were paying her. Our wedding day was wonderful and went without a hitch. Unfortunately, we had several complaints from bridal party members, and our family, that she wasn't doing very much and that they were having to do all the work. We're very disappointed with how it all turned out.

Lilly Lynn Events's reply:

This wedding had the most disrespectful people involved in it. The mother of the groom was extremely rude and would argue with me about everything, the girl they had do the guestbook acted like the coordinator and would ask me a question and instead of letting me find out the answer would just tell me to forget it she would do it herself. They were even rude to the guy who was there from the venue telling him he was worthless because he wasn't sure how to answer a question that I didn't know how to answer either. So rude. I have never been spoken to the way I was at this wedding and was not given a specific list of what they wanted done. It was unorganized and not the easiest for me to do my best. I was even shocked that the bride felt I didn't do enough in a email when she told me she didn't really need me after she had hired me, would have been better just to cancel my services that point. It left me with not much to do. Sorry she felt this way but that is my first and last time handling day of coordination that way.

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