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4.4 out of 5.0


30 Reviews for Newport Limousine Service

Cassandra Hanjian

Married on 06/29/2019

  • Quality of service 5.0
  • Value 3.0
  • Professionalism 2.0
  • Responsiveness 2.0
  • Flexibility 2.0

Disorganized and did not tell us they were subcontracting the buses!

We booked 2 school buses through Newport Limo for wedding day guest transportation. Newport Limo got our guests from to/from the blocked hotels to our wedding venue safely and on time, which is obviously the most important element. However, we did not discover until the week before our wedding that the bus service was actually subcontracted through Fisher Charter Service (based in Somerset, MA), and that Newport Limo was not actually providing the bus service directly. (We’d give Fisher 5 out of 5 based on our experience with them.)

The majority of our interactions with Newport Limo left much to be desired. Despite confirming that they’d provided services to our wedding venue previously, the Officers’ Club at Naval Station Newport, their staff seemed perplexed when we asked them for the required driver list a couple weeks in advance of our wedding. We kept getting contradictory information from different members on staff, did not get the information we needed from them in a timely manner, and had to even contact them directly so that they could take our final payment before the contracted deadline! My stomach was in knots leading up to the wedding for fear that our guests would not be admitted through the gate or arrive late. The only reason they are not receiving a lower rating is because they did, via Fisher, provide us with the agreed upon deliverables (a safe ride for our guests and on-time arrivals/departures at the hotels and venue). However, I would recommend booking guest transportation directly through Fisher Bus and not through Newport Limo, as their staff is disorganized, uncommunicative, and, at times, rude. While they may “do this all the time” (of which we were repeatedly reminded), their lack of professionalism did not inspire confidence during our interactions with them and put a bit of a dent in our special day.


2+ years ago

  • Quality of service 4.0
  • Value 1.5
  • Professionalism 1.5
  • Responsiveness 4.0
  • Flexibility 1.5

My husband and I booked a 1957 Bentley and a 14 passenger limo for our special day. There were no issue with the Limo. We booked the Bentley because it was sentimental to my mother because she was born in 1957. We booked the limo and paid in full 1 year before our wedding. The day before our wedding the driver of the Bentley called us needing to cancel. He told us he was at CVS and someone stole his windshield wipers and since it was a vintage car it's not like he could go to Autozone and get new ones. He didn't want to drive it without wipers.

The driver did not call the appropriate contact being the bride and my family. He instead called the groom, in which they worked out to use a 1938 Packard. The driver was nice enough to still supply us with a vintage car, which took beautiful pictures. We were very disappointed that what we reserved a year prior was not available. We did not even get a discount or call from the company only the driver.

It was a little unprofessional and disrespectful.

Regardless of the service, the vintage car was beautiful even if we compromised.

Newport Limousine Service's reply:

Hello, no one called our office to report that the vehicle was exchanged for another antique vehicle.
Tthe driver of the vehicle is also the owner of the antiques. I am sure he was doing the best he could in supplying another antique vehicle. A mechanical problem can happen to any vehicle, particularly an antique vehicle. Had it been reported, we would have apologized for your inconvenience and disappointment.


Married on 08/14/2016

  • Quality of service 0.5
  • Value 0.5
  • Professionalism 3.0
  • Responsiveness 4.5
  • Flexibility 3.0

I reserved a 41 passenger bus, a white trolley, and a white limo. The white trolley had no issues. The drivers of all vehicles were lovely. They were quick and responsive in the planning process.
The 41 passenger bus's air conditioning was broken (as the driver stated) to the passengers. As it was the hottest day of the year -- ridiculously hot! - I was not expecting for it to be COLD on the bus, but we did have pregnant and elderly passengers on that bus who felt sick after. People were soaked through their shirts upon arrival. It also left several minutes early from the reception, and people missed the first run back to the hotel.
Additionally, while we were in Church, our white limo broke down. They quickly sent a replacement, but the ceremony was in Providence and the limo was coming from Newport, so we were delayed a little bit going to the reception. Here is the response from the company:
"I appreciate your taking the time to express your concerns about the heat and the vehicles. I am really sorry that you had that that experience with the limo and the bus. Unfortunately, we seem to have similar complaints every year during extreme heat waves. Glad we don’t have that many heat waves in New England. We look at it as something we cannot control, such as an act of God. I think both vehicles would have been fine had it not been so hot. It seems that larger vehicles are susceptible to all kinds of problems during such heat waves. There really isn’t much I can do about it at this point, except to say I am sorry it happened on your wedding day."
I was disappointed in this company - especially because someone else I know got married the same day in a local venue and had no issues with their transportation.


2+ years ago

  • Quality of service 1.0
  • Value 2.0
  • Professionalism 2.0
  • Responsiveness 3.0
  • Flexibility 2.5

My husband and I recently worked with Newport Limousine Service for our wedding day transportation. We booked a trolley to transport the wedding party and guests to the venue and also booked a mini coach bus to transport the wedding party and guests back to their hotels at the end of the evening. I wish I could say that the day went smoothly but, it didn't. The trolley broke down on my way to the venue. The driver wasn't helpful at all. I called my day-of planner and she picked me up in her minivan - arriving to my wedding in a minivan wasn't ideal. It didn't end there - the driver was rude to our guests and had no idea where he was going (guests had to direct him). I was so embarrassed when our guests told me of their experience - it was a nightmare. Overall, we were very displeased with our experience. Within a week of communicating our concerns and displeasure with Judi, she did refund us most of our money and I am grateful for that.

Newport Limousine Service's reply:

Yes, Lauren is correct about trolley breakdown on her wedding day.
We always feel just terrible when something like that happens, but some things are beyond our control. We do our best to help compensate and make-up for the loss as much as possible. We were also working hard that day in the background to arrange back up vehicles to salvage the rest of the day.
But, sometimes negative reviews don’t tell the whole story, and I am frankly surprised that she wrote this after all we tried to do to help her out.
We believe her wedding planner arranged for another trolley, a green city trolley, to help out at the last minute. We think this may have been the “rude driver who didn’t know where he was going.” The wedding planner was not as professional as we are used to, and we tried to contact her get the entire story, but she did not return our call or text message, so this was not verified. Lauren did say all her guests told her that they rode on a green trolley, not white.
The other important part of the story is that we not only gave all the money back she requested, but we also arranged for an complimentary extra hour in the mini-bus for her 30 some guests that were not even supposed to be picked up. This was another problem in the wedding planning for the day, which we had nothing to do with.
If we had not agreed to give her the complimentary free hour, there would have been 30 guests stranded after the reception waiting for a bus that was never arranged for them, so the day would have ended in a worse nightmare.
So, bottom line, is that we are very sorry about the trolley breakdown, it can happen with any vehicle. We not only gave her all the money back she requested, but went an extra mile in providing the complimentary time in the mini bus for her guests, plus taking 30 more guests to their hotels than we expected.


2+ years ago

  • Quality of service 0.0
  • Value 2.5
  • Professionalism 0.0
  • Responsiveness 2.5
  • Flexibility 0.0

Let me makes this clear we did not actually book with this company we did however look into booking with them and found a better deal some where else. To my surprise she wrote me an e-mail saying "You and your mother seem like very sneaky people" because we didn't book with them. I don't think thats how you run a business now is it?

Newport Limousine Service's reply:

That isn't exactly the whole story at all. We exchanged several emails with this bride and her mother in helping them select the right vehicle. We even went to the trouble to arrange an appointment for them to see the vehicle after several attempts and times changes due to her work schedule. They were supposed to get back to us but did not, but instead booked that very vehicle through another salesperson without even asking if we could match the price. So, a lot of work went in to helping them plan the right vehicle and timing, but they didn't have the courtesy of even letting us know they were working around us.

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