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Married on 03/07/2015

These macarons are great but the service is horrible.

We paid to have them next day air'd on Friday afternoon and they never arrived. When I emailed Denise Rice, she said she "decided" to send them a day later and they would arrive before 9:30am on Saturday. She then called at 11:23am to tell us they were not going to make it after all. We had to purchase another dessert last minute and put favors together in the 11th hour. We paid a lot of extra money to fix their problem. Then, at 2pm the macarons DID arrive so we had way too many, spent a lot of extra money for nothing, and had all of this stress on the day of our event. I was over an hour late for hair/makeup and everything was rushed for everyone else involved. My husband and I attempted to contact Denise in the afternoon multiple times and she never returned a call or email. This service was so disappointing. Your earn loyalty with customers based on how you handle problems (especially when the business is responsible for the problem)! They just washed their hands, offered no reimbursement or apology, and were unreachable. Stay away from this company, they do not care about their customers

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