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      Philadelphia Funk Authority
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      The Marie Wilson Band
      A Latin Movement - Latin Jazz / Salsa Band
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      The Proper Way, LLC
      Sax O' Pan Serenades
      Music Garden
      Cover Me Badd
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      Cover Story Entertainment
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      Lucky Devils Band

      Looking for a wedding band to provide live music for your reception? Here, you can read reviews of wedding bands that specialize in musical genres from country to jazz, R&B to rock, and much more....Read more Whether you’re searching for a small ensemble or a larger wedding band, you’ll find lots of choices on WeddingWire.

      Local Wedding Bands

      Choosing From the Best Music Wedding Bands

      Your wedding is more than just one big party, it is a sequence of special events, each deserving of it's own special place in time. And a wedding band can be a major piece of your big day. The wedding band has the responsibility of ensuring that your event moves smoothly and fluidly from one amazing moment to the next. Wedding bands create the right mood for each portion of the event with music. And WeddingWire has tons of options for finding the best band to suit your musical desires. Having the right music is an absolute must. Bad music choices can take away from the beauty of your special day.

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      Wedding Music Selection Advice

      Here are some things to consider when picking a wedding band.

      Your wedding venue may have a list of musicians that they tend to work with, but that doesn't mean you need to make a selection from that list. It is important to check that there is nothing in your contract that doesn't allow you to have an outside band or singer. Make sure there are no noise limitations, need for extra power supplies, or other equipment a band may need. If there are, plan accordingly and tell the band ahead of time to see if they can work within those parameters. If not, it might be time to look for some more musical options.

      Live Wedding bands tend to be more expensive than a DJ. This means a wedding band may be the thing that you splurge on for your big day while cutting back your budget on another area. Live bands provide a rich sound and allow for direct interaction with guests, which makes them a great option for your reception. It is important to note that a live band will likely take up more space than a DJ. You may need to start a conversation between your band and venue to make sure that there are ample accommodations. Ask any potential bands if they are performing at any public events in the near future. This gives you a chance to see them in person and decide if they fit your style. You also have the chance to see how they interact with the crowd and the venue staff.

      Don't forget to check WeddingWire for reviews from real couples that have hired the band before. Advice from couples in the same boat as you are an absolute must when making those final decisions for your big day.

      After searching around, reading reviews, and possibly seeing potential wedding bands perform, you'll make your selection. You should give the band two specific song lists. One should be songs and musical genres you absolutely want to hear and when you want to hear them during the day (i.e. processional, recessional, first dance, mother-son/ father-daughter dance). The other should be other should be songs and musical categories you absolutely do not want to hear. The band's covers may not sound exactly like the original artist but they will provide a more intimate experience for you and your guests.

      You can have a band or DJ or both! It all depends on personal preference and how much you are willing to spend.

      Accommodate Guests with Reception Music Selection

      The last consideration should be the guest in attendance. It's your big day, but you also want your guests to have a good time. If you have older guests, have some classic songs from the 60s & 70s on your list. Make sure the band has a combination of both fast and slow songs to encourage all your guests to gather on the dance floor!

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