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    Priscilla Beginner on August 4, 2019 at 6:49 PM

    i cant afford a day of coordinator

    Help I cant afford a day of coordinator and have asked family friends and family and no one wants to do it.Our wedding is in a month and half and I am very worried.I have 7 bridemaids who are non responsive and dont take initiative whatsoever including my 2 maid of honors.1 is my fiance's brothers girlfriend and she is very jealous of me and goes out of her way to take away my joy.(she did this at the bachelorette party.She kept complaining about her not being engaged and kept complaining about why I was getting married before her.She even blamed me from stealing from her and labeled me a theif and gossips about me.Which I did not steal anything of hers btw)She has trust issues.I have a 8 month daughter with my fiance and it seems she was also jealous that my daughter was taking the attention away from her 8 year old son in the family.3 weeks after my bachelorette party she is pregnant.Even leading up to the trip and during the trip she kept saying she does not want anymore children.Happy for her but its weird how it just happened.I also have a VERY overbearing opinionated mother in law who is trying to make it her wedding throughout this entire wedding planning process.For example she wont ask me what I would like for my wedding and instead orders things and buys things and trys to plan our wedding ceremony without talking to us first.When I mention what I like she shuts down my ideas and says I need to do it her way(She has also been like this to my mom).I have had a rough time on being accepted by my fiances family and we have been together for 7 years.They mainly see me as the enemy because we live in a different state then them and my fiance has alot of aunts who side with his mother.(She wants us to move back).MY finace is a momma's boy but has been trying to snap the umbible cord however his mom wont let up.Even his father is in the mix and is very overbearing. So anyways YES all this makes me worried that without a day of a day of coordinator the day of our wedding can get really stressful for me and my fiance.(mostly me) because I appreciate his familys help but there many family members whom are very difficult and I dont want to deal with that on the day of my wedding.What should l do worse case scenario and we cant find a day of coordinator in time for our wedding day?

    I apologize for the length but Its so great to get all this off my chest.


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