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    Paige Devoted on December 6, 2018 at 11:29 AM

    Is this Normal?

    Okay, so my venue actually caters the food and alcohol for the wedding reception. I am a little lost when it comes to food tasting, I assumed that when you went to taste the food you tasted EVERYTHING they offer and decide your favorites and that’s how you found your menus. We are doing at least 2 entree choices with at least 2 carvings stations, so that is a total of AT LEAST 4 different things we would need to taste. The wedding coordinator informed me yesterday that the tasting includes 2 entrees and 4 sides, and that’s it. Which has me concerned and annoyed, because I don’t understand how I’m expected to pick my meats to carve or my two favorite entrees, when I can’t even taste it all. Initially I offered to pay more to taste more items, but that just doesn’t even make sense to me, the more I think about it. Why should I pay more when they are giving what I believe to be inadequate choices? Is this standard in the wedding world? I am not comfortable paying for food I won’t even taste. Furthermore, I think it’s wrong to not let a bride try all of the food available for the wedding, especially when I’m paying anywhere from $36-40 a person. Then again, I’ve never planned a wedding before and it could just be my ignorance working against me. Halp! 😬


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