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The 5 Wedding Dress Styles All Newly Engaged Brides Should Know

By Jacqueline Tynes, December 4, 2018
Jacqueline Tynes
The 5 Wedding Dress Styles All Newly Engaged Brides Should Know
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If you’re a novice when it comes to wedding dresses, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top wedding dress styles to learn before you start shopping.

After the excitement of the proposal wears down, you’ll soon start crossing things off of your wedding planning checklist, like purchasing your dream gown—and a big part of that is knowing the different wedding dress styles. While you may have dreamt about your wedding dress well before your #justsaidyes moment, we know that not everyone is a bridal fashion expert. To help keep you up to speed, we’ve rounded up the top five wedding dress styles that you should be aware of before stepping into a bridal salon.

From boho to minimalist, these are the wedding dress styles every newly-engaged bride should know.

Dan Lecca

Dress: Anne Barge

Minimalist Wedding Dress Style

A trendy wedding dress style that’s gaining popularity thanks to Meghan Markle, minimalistic gowns are the go-to for brides with a modern everyday style. Unadorned wedding dresses easily evoke a chic and unconventional look without the help of dramatic embellishments or details. Veering away from traditional lace, cleans lines and structured fabric are used to accentuate the bride’s body in a subdued, but sophisticated way. These types of gowns can come in a variety of different silhouettes, too. From A-line to figure-hugging, you can find a minimalist gown in almost any shape — just keep in mind the “less is more rule” when shopping. So if you’re looking for a gown that gives off cool girl vibes, opt for a minimalist wedding dress stye.

Dan Lecca

Dress: Pnina Tornai

Glam Wedding Dress Style

Brides wanting a wow-worthy gown should opt for a glamorous wedding dress style. These gowns are designed to create a luxe wedding-day look with the help of elaborate embellishments, such as crystal or pearl beading, as well as high-fashion silhouettes and necklines. Wedding dresses with sexy, low-cut necklines, like the popular deep V, or even gowns with a revealing side-slit skirt lets brides make a statement on the big day. Along with dazzling details, silhouettes for glamorous wedding dresses should also have a glitzy and lavish feel. Opt for gowns with voluminous skirts or a feminine mermaid style, and you’ll definitely achieve a couture look on your big day.

Dan Lecca

Dress: Willowby by Watters

Bohemian Wedding Dress Style

Boho wedding dresses have a laid-back feel that lets free-spirited brides nail the effortless bridal look. These gowns feature graceful lines, whimsical embellishments, and light and airy silhouettes, which are perfect for any relaxed setting. Brides with a casual everyday style will love these types of wedding dresses because they are not only easy to move around in but also give off an enchanting vibe. From body-skimming sheath silhouettes to gowns with 70s-inspired bell sleeves, you can definitely leave your S.O. wonderstruck by wearing a bohemian-styled wedding dress.

Dan Lecca

Dress: Julie Vino

Romantic Wedding Dress Style

This wedding dress style is often confused with the boho look described above, when it’s actually a more elegant choice. While most romantic gowns feature a similar relaxed feel, like an airy skirt, these dresses differ from bohemian looks because they have more elaborate details. Romantic wedding dresses are usually covered with eye-catching embellishments, such as floral appliques, and are paired with flirty skirts. Along with dreamy details, these gowns feature feminine necklines, like a sweetheart or off-the-shoulder, to add attention to collarbones and shoulders. Brides also don’t have to stick to the traditional white colored gown either! To really evoke a romantic feel on the big day, choose a wedding dress in a light blush or soft dove color and you’ll have everyone oohing and ahhing over your wedding-day look.

Legends Romona Keveza

Dress: Legends Romona Keveža

Classic Wedding Dress Style

For those who want a timeless and tasteful gown, we think you’ll love a classic wedding dress. While trends come and go, traditional wedding dresses will never go out of style because they stick to simple, yet elegant designs. Featuring flattering silhouettes, like the popular A-line, as well as more modest necklines, like a bateau or strapless, a classic wedding dress style is a must for brides with a preppy or chic everyday style. Also, this style doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a bit of personality to your gown, either. Adding illusion lace sleeves or other custom details, such as a few appliques, can give your classic gown a one-of-a-kind upgrade.

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